Since 2010, your best ally to face the digital age

For 12 years we’ve been working with one goal: to provide our clients with the most effective tools to thrive on the market, leveraging the huge potential of the digital revolution.

Whatever the nature and mission of your company, we can develop ad hoc solutions: like tailored suits for your business.

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We've always produced everything in house: hardware and software. It's all the fruit of our work.

Our flagships are otrack® (GPS monitoring), osurvey® (market data processing) and opbx® (VOIP telephone switchboard).

As you may guess, we love to innovate: thanks to years of research and practice in the field, we’ve gained a broad and multidisciplinary experience.

We also love to listen: to know the people who come to us, put a foot in their daily life, understand their projects and ambitions.

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